Our Company

All Magical Travel was a company that started before we became an official business.  Formally trained at O'Brien's School of Travel in the early 90's, I have been around the travel industry for over 25 years.  Though my career took a different avenue, as an Executive Administrative Assistant in the corporate world, I relied heavily on my travel background for both planning my executives' business travel and at times, coordinating their families to join them at the end of many trips ~ turning business travel into leisure travel.   

When I became a mother, my son was diagnosed with Autism. I made the choice to stay home with him so that he could have every opportunity possible to become as independent as possible through therapy, education and social interaction opportunities.  As a spear-head, I became and advocate for special needs children within my community and one to lean on navigating the uncharted waters of the Autism world because my son was diagnosed at the beginning of the increase of the epidemic we have today.  

As my son grew, we traveled with him to Disney World as often as we could (several times a year) because something magical happened to him while there.  For some reason, he became more engaged, began speaking, and behaviors improved with each trip we took.  Our passion for Disney became personal.  As a youngster, he had no idea that you would pay one price and get to do everything.  Therefore, each week, we had a plan.  He would have to work hard to communicate, positive behaviors, etc.  In return, we used a classic Token Economy System...stickers!  Each sticker earned a new experience for the next trip. 

How does all this tie into opening a travel agency?  Well, because of my past experience utilizing my travel background as well as my deep knowledge of first hand insights of Disney for all needs,  I started getting referrals from friends and family to plan vacations, inside or outside of "The World."  My insight of what families need on an individual basis, is the key to why clients choose All Magical Travel as their agency of choice.  We also are able to book full vacation homes, town-homes and condos throughout Florida directly with our partnered Home Rental Company, Orgova Vacation Homes. 

Anyone can book a room, coordinate a trip, find a great price or great deal on line.  We can too!  However, we pride ourselves with providing unparalleled service throughout your journey.  We have every tool on the travel agents end,  as well as Travel Industry Exclusives so you know you are getting the best value within your travel budget.   


However, when booking on the discount sites on your own, have you ever had an issue or  thought what happens if something goes wrong?  My clients will tell you from first hand experience ~All Magical Travel is there to support you every step of the way!  Technology is amazing, but yet, as we see lately with various airline systems, hotel breaches, etc, they are vulnerable.  That's where we come in to support our clients!  You are not a number to us.  When you book with All Magical Travel, you become part of our extended family.   Should an issue happen, and they do, we work on the back end on behalf of our clients, so our clients can continue with their adventure.  Instead of making calls to various vendors such as airlines for lost luggage, delays that make you miss your hotel reservations, etc.  we step in to support you.  We are your piece of mind when it comes to travel. 

Did I mention that our services are completely FREE?  Wait? What?  Yes! You read this correctly.  There are no additional fees for our services, nor are we an agency that pushes up-selling your vacation to make a few extra dollars in commission.  We search for the best financial avenue within the guidelines of what our clients are looking for. Our business depends completely on repeat business and referrals.  When you book with us, you book with confidence that we are working completely on your behalf. 

No matter where your next adventure takes you, All Magical Travel is ready to create an amazing adventure for you and your loved ones!