Meet Me

Hello Traveler!   Thank you for stopping by to meet me.  My name is Nancy Karas and I am a wife and mother of two Disney fanatic Teen’s.   

When I first started my career,  I was a Travel Agent at a small family-owned agency.  My path took a few twists and turns along the way,  however, one aspect remained constant.  I always utilized my travel training and expertise.  I spent over 14 years as an executive/ personal assistant to Vice-Presidents of Fortune 500 Companies such as AT&T Wireless, Prudential Investments and Merck-Medco.

However, when our son was diagnosed with Autism, my husband and I made the decision that our son needed me to be dedicated to his special needs full time, so that he could get as much therapy and attention he needed to be successful in life.  When our daughter came along, we became parents of children in both the "typical" and "special needs" world. Finding balance so that everyone's needs were met was challenging, but yet, living in both worlds provided me with an insight that I apply when I assist my clients in creating a truly personalized one-of-a-kind travel experience. 

As a Disney Vacation Club member for nearly 15 years, I have had the privilege to go to The Walt Disney World Resort countless times.  We recently purchased a home right outside of the gates of Disney and feel so lucky that we are able to spend as much time in and out of the parks, enjoying all of the outdoor opportunities that Florida has to offer from thrills, to beaches and come home to unwind and watch the nightly fireworks at all of the parks from our porch while we enjoy a family meal together.  As a wife of a traveling husband, I have spent endless hours in the parks and resorts with my two Disney~crazed kiddos~ many times alone.  

Our son, is on the Autism Spectrum with many Anxiety, Sensory & OCD tendencies. I have worked with many clients with physical and mobility needs and should a member of your family/traveling party have any special needs or disabilities, I truly am here to support you.  I would be honored to provide you with my first hand knowledge, experience, tips and ideas to assist you navigating Walt Disney World, or any other travel destination with someone you love who is either on the Autism Spectrum or who needs a little extra pixie dust for any reason.  

​Whether your next travel adventure takes you to the theme parks of Orlando/California, or you are looking for a tropical island getaway, cruising, visiting a city, exploring international locations or where ever your journey leads you,  let my expertise assist you in creating a truly one of a kind vacation experience for you and your loved ones.  It would be my honor to coordinate on your behalf, take the stress of planning off of your hands and allow you and your travel party the opportunity enjoy the journey! 

Certifications & Grauduate:  College of Disney Knowledge, Universal Orlando Resort Specialist, Sea World Travel Agent Specialist,  SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate, Visit Florida Specialist

Nancy Karas