Tell us your story and we will customize your trip to best meet your needs. Not sure what you want? That's OK. We know what to ask to help you figure out the trip for you.


Breathe easy knowing we are there to help you plan the ultimate experience that meets the needs of you and your travel party.

Whether you are planning a vacation for the whole family, looking for a romantic get-away, a fun-filled historic and cultural adventure, a trip to a beach or entertainment park, guys/girls weekend, golf, family reunions, we can plan it all for you from beginning to end and all points between. 


A Note about Using a Travel Professional 

One of the most important aspects of working with a travel agent is to know what they bring to the travel experience for you.  At All Magical Travel, we bring Knowledge, Support, Advocacy and Peace of Mind for my clients.  All Magical Travel Does Not Charge Any Fees,  Up-Sell  or Use Pressure Tactics. 


A Note about Booking via Discount/Warehouse Club Sites

Discount sites and club warehouse sites buy in bulk to offer travelers a "great deal" .  As a travel professional, I advise anyone who books travel through those avenues to read the fine print to ensure you fully understand the discount/club's policies before you click.  In today's hectic travel, should a client need support, be delayed, need to make a change or cancel, the traveler then becomes responsible for not only the travel vendor's policies (airlines, cruise lines, suppliers), but they also  become responsible for any additional discount/club site's policy's and fees.  Also, should a client run into a travel glitch or the site oversell your vacation property,  these sites do not offer support and will not advocate on the customer's behalf.   As a travel  professional, I strongly urge you to please read, review  and understand both the supplier's and the site's policies before you make your next click.