Special Needs Travel

Supporting the Special Needs community is truly an honor at All Magical Travel.  My son is on the Autistic Spectrum therefore, my personal understanding that every need, regardless of the type is individual and compassion is at the forefront. 

When you live with a neurological, physical or any other special need, the thought of traveling can, at times, become overwhelming.  Making sure equipment is on board a ship, rented and waiting at your destination can be daunting.  Is the location of your room ideal for someone with sensory issues?  Is there anything that can be organized to make the trip a safe experience ~ especially for those who may wander.  We look at traveling through a very different set of eyes than most agents for our Special Needs Community because we didn't learn it from a seminar, we live it ourselves. 


Therefore, at All Magical Travel, we truly understand how much pre-planning and organization needs to be done before you or your loved one with a special need can take that "relaxing" vacation or simply travel out of need. 

We are here every step of the way, from pre-planning, to departure, during and your arrival home.  Our goal is to take the planning burden off of your shoulders so you can do exactly what a vacation/travel is meant to be....and enjoyable, relaxing and worry-free experience!