Why Use A Travel Agent?

Why should you use a travel agent when you can search and book everything on your own via discount sites? 

Service, Support and Piece of Mind.  At All Magical Travel, we go way beyond, point, click and book.  We are there to support you every step of the way.  In these fast paced times, your vacation is your time to unwind and relax.  Once booked thru a discount site or wholesale club offer, the service ends there.  

Support & Advocacy

All Magical Travel is your travel partner and we provide support to all of our clients before, during and after travel.  With today's fast paced world, we are there to take the stress of researching, planning and coordinating your travel adventure.  Should an issue arise while you are traveling, have the peace-of-mind that we are there to support you and advocate on your behalf.  All Magical Travel is part of Travel Leaders, a consortium of travel professionals that support us.  Together, our reach for assistance goes way beyond an individual trying to advocate on their own behalf.



We embrace modern technology and search for the best pricing without compromising.  As travel professionals, we work in conjunction with top, reputable travel agent only wholesale vendors, supplier promotions, coupon codes directly sent to customers from the travel industry, member direct pricing at major hotel chains and so much more. We have the ability to negotiate on behalf of our clients, be there throughout their entire travel process and provide service and knowledge that goes far beyond the price posted (and fine print) on the internet. 


No Fees or  No Overselling

We pride ourselves in not overselling or charging fees for our services.  We will present various options available at time of booking for our clients and continue to watch for additional incentives  for our clients currently booked travel if their trip qualifies for the reduced promotion or add on value.  So, sit back, relax and let us capture the essence of your traveling dreams and make them into your travel reality!    We cater to your sensibility, comfort and YOUR BUDGET.